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Melbourne to London – Exploring the possibilities

I am writing this as I am listening to the live recording of our Melbourne launch at The Night Cat – which was last week, August 26th. It went really well and we had a lovely crowd, dancing and enjoying our music. I am so proud and blessed to have such a talented and supportive band. We are now releasing music under NATG and have a lot of EP’s and singles coming out this year to kickstart these chapters – PICTURES OF MARS. I was talking to an old friend yesterday and we were talking about leaving a legacy behind. Making a difference in the world and focusing on one dream and that one purpose and being famous on that. He congratulated me on always being happy and positive after everything i’ve been through and that I can be the shining light for others and help them through, with my writing and music and now my speaking.

On my travels and living in London I have made friends for life. Spiritual brothers and sisters and London has become my home. Through my crowdfunding campaign I have grown and changed away from home. When I come back and I am literally going back. Building and starting again here feels almost impossible. When you move forward so far, you can’t go back. No matter how many times you hear the voice in your head saying “GO!” it’s loud and clear so where am I going exactly? After our show on Saturday night and amazing feedback we received – I just want to take the band overseas and tour. We have families, bills to pay and most of the guys are booked solidly with corporate work and will need to make it work for all of us. I don’t how but I know it will happen.

I have recently been working with a new team now and they are based in London. I do feel I need to be there right now to really gain momentum on every level. I recently did a work shop with young vocalists and they all write beautiful music. We spoke about writing music and lyrics that will change the world. Making political statements and not being afraid to speak out – specially as young woman. I met some amazing young inspirational woman in London who are helping other young woman – working together to build a stronger community so that we create a better future, by sharing experiences and telling true life stories, we create true bonds when we are not afraid to open up. Of course it can be scary because we don’t want to be judged. Imagine if your story changed someone’s life? Or you met your best friend by sharing an experience with them that you maybe too shy to express, but you took the courage to open up. 99% of what is out there is unknown and that is the beauty of life. Collaborate, sing together, build the energy.

When I landed in Melbourne this time I felt like the life was sucked out of me. I am and was so full of life and energy. Working hard on my wellbeing and staying happy, exploring and figuring out what’s next? What else is there apart from music? There must be more to life than this? Finding a soul mate? Having a family and not settling for anything but the best? When you have lived one life already, beginning a new one – the hardest thing to face is knowing that you are in control of your reality. Expecting the unexpected is always the most exciting thing! Knowing without knowing. I want to now stop questioning things so much and take action. My action now is to explore what’s on the other side. As I am now seeing things from a different perspective. There are definitely cultural differences between London and Melbourne, for me the energy is more dense, the only way I can describe it is like I feel a heaviness and I think that is because I have this urge and drive to explore life outside what I feel I already know. There are more lessons for me to learn and for me to teach. Every time I have embraced the unknown and explored things out of my comfort zone magical things happen – there are always moments of struggle of course – but without these we wouldn’t be where we are today.

I’d like to hear about your experiences living in Melbourne, where you are based? What you love about the city? It is voted No1 in the world after all! What if feels like for those have moved away? Or moved to Melbourne from another country – away from your family? Do you feel fulfilled? and how did you get to that point? Look forward to hearing your comments.

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