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The New Moon

Today I am feeling very proud of myself because I woke up early. I’ve been working really hard to get my mind out of this haze. The haze comes from not knowing, feeling lethargic and tired and I know that a few months back, this was my mind set. It needed fuel. But what kind of fuel? I had to really ask the question out loud. I was tired of doing the same old thing day in day out, and things needed to change. Once I became aware that I had to do things differently, it meant I had to change my thought patterns. Which, believe me, is a gradual process. Each day is a step forward and especially the days when you feel you’re going backwards, those days are the best because it pushes you to move, then you take bigger leaps because you’re moving out of your comfort zone, into the unknown. And yes it feels scary at first, but once you take the leap – YOU FLY! Most of us believe success is when we have money. So when we think about making money, we attach it to our feelings, this is when we become what I call “The Servant” to what we feel is right or wrong when we make a choice. Who are we serving? Are we actually helping ourselves and each other, by doing this job? For me, it has always been about purpose. Today I woke up feeling like negative thoughts were coming into my head and I was 100% completely aware of it and decided to do something about it. I have subscribed to Hay House and everyday they send their subscribers emails relating to mental health and wellbeing. And to day I just happened to receive a whole bunch of new positive affirmations. And I realised that lately everything that is being given to me at the right time when I need it, and when I’m ready. Last night was the same, As I was going to bed, I felt a little bit strange. I was wide awake and it was past midnight, and I was hearing noises as if someone was in the house. Then I looked at my phone and I got a notification about a youtube video by Esther Hicks, that was answering that exact question. She mentions that when you are making changes, it’s not fear, it’s anticipation. Realisation from the conscious and unconscious mind. That you are where you are, and it is a good place to be, then you are moving into another place where you are on the brink of energy moving and on the verge, having an acute awareness of where you are. Energy is in motion always moving forward. To be in the vibrational stance of trust, to keep this feeling going.

It’s our own minds that give us the power to create thoughts. And today I was able to hear the thoughts that were trying to stop me from moving forward and take me back to my old train of thoughts. It’s so easy to look at someone else’s life and see what they have and not praise them for their achievements because you feel they have more than you. Which means your looking at your own life and seeing what you don’t have, which is what I did. I then did some chanting and I thought – hang on, I have all these things too and I believe in myself and when I’m ready to say what I need to say and do what is right for me, then I won’t feel resentment, I will feel love and compassion for everyone, and be grateful for all the amazing people in the world and for all their amazing achievements and praise them for it, and now that I have done this, I am looking at myself through eyes of love and in turn, seeing these wonderful amazing people with eyes of love also. Then abundance is felt all around us, like a nice big full cup of water, that purifies the body and makes us feel whole.


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