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TEDX Natalie Gauci

How Do I Contribute To The Universe?

Music and sound raises our vibration. We are all connected, it’s important for us to work together in new and old ancient ways to connect to everybody all at once. This is important because sound frequencies are what makes us move and feel our experiences as high or low. When we raise our vibration and get high we release layers of “stuff” and emotion to then feel high again. This transfers and connected to others and we begin to feel joy, bliss and happiness like never before. (3)

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Natalie Gauci is a Musician. Natalie Won Australian Idol in 2007, has a Platinum Album and Gold Single. Natalie is an International Artist and Inspirational Speaker, who sings and writes Soul and Jazz music. Natalie is also a Spiritual Healer, Teacher and Shaman.Natalie can blow you away with her powerful voice, take you on a journey with her music and live performances. Natalie can also take you on a journey, to help you find your life’s purposes and calling. Her clairvoyance, clairaudience and channeling will guide you through to your next destination and help you find your true path, find your true voice, help you through energy shifts, transformations, coming back to your true nature of who you really are and guide your soul to expand and grow in this beautiful world and cosmos in which we live. To rise in love and unity. Natalie’s mission is to bring unity and peace into the world through her music and spiritual education, through channeling NATG The Angel Heart Oracle. Natalie will be your soul and spiritual guide! Become an Angel Heart Member and Join Our Community Now!

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    There is an epidemic of couples who are not happy in their relationships. People who are putting up with abuse. There are a growing number of people who hold on to their pain and believe that this normal and say it’s “Just the way life is”.

    This book will empower the reader to find true love and to make that change from painful relationships to deep loving honest relationships. Stepping into a new paradigm. Natalie Gauci is a platinum and gold selling artist and is now transforming her lyrics and music into published books which are helping people break free from addictions and abusive relationships. Natalie has helped transformed the lives of celebrities, actors, musicians, healers and creatives world wide.

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