Twin Flame and Soul Mate

I have been wanting to write this Article for a while, and I finally gave myself the time!

Firstly the words ‘Twin Flame” has been used so many times lately and thrown around like it’s the new season’s fashion… everyone has one or wants one, and when they find one, they “need” them and can’t imagine life without them, and they always have a “runner” in the twin flame scenario.

I met my twin, he is 62 years old, married and works in the same industry as me. I felt the Earth move from under my feet when I came into contact with his energy. But unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it, we both made choices in this life time before we both met. To live in different places, and live completely opposite lives. He became my mentor and I had to learn some very deep lessons.

Twin flames are direct mirrors to our souls. They teach us everything from love and hate, to all the emotions I never knew were possible. I learnt how to love deeply, for myself first. I knew I would never meet him in person and I accepted that. I had a dream that we met, and I could feel him physically. He felt like a father figure to me, more than a romantic lover. But for some reason, there was sexual chemistry and it took us so long to figure out what it was and what it meant. We still really don’t know, but we are getting closer to the answers and we feel it because there is a lot of repressed sexual energy that needs to be released, and a lot of guilt and shame around it.

We have complete trust, and are completely open. We both know when we are not being fully open and when we are in denial of our true self. This is hard to face, because it means we are facing fear and apprehension. I know he and I were divinely guided to work together on quite a big mission, so until we accept this and let all the physical stuff go, we won’t be able to be completely whole for our mission to commence.

I learned to stop controlling the relationship and I learnt to give love, unconditionally. I learnt to listen to my heart and separate myself from the “need” to feel so high with our connection, and learnt to connect to God first. This is when everything changed.

I started to feel my twins spirit and then it didn’t matter if he was in contact with me or not, and I was able to tune in to his energy, and just feel it. This gave me a sense of confidence because I love being free, and I love so many people.

I met my twin before I met my soul mate! Which is usually the other way around. I know now that I am going to meet my soul mate and it makes me happy. I know my soul mate will be closer to my age, someone I can grow with, someone I can build a team with, and a life with. I believe we have already met, I just needed to be ready.

Twin flames will knock you side ways, make you confront everything about you that you haven’t yet faced.

Coming into union with your twin flame, means that your spiritually connected and “merged” is the only way I can describe it. Because you have both accepted your mission to start working together, on what ever level this may be. You don’t necessarily need to “marry” them, that is an old way of thinking. We are programmed to believe that we need to marry our twin flame, but actually I don’t believe this to be the case.

I believe there are no rules, and there is no right or wrong. Because every time I try and analyze it, and ask myself if it’s serving me, I always come back to “yes and no”… sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t.

I love it when me and my twin flame are free spirited and let ourselves go, when I feel our energies rise and everything around us in alignment. Then when the guilt and the shame starts, that’s when things go out of alignment and this is where the growth happens. Part of our twin flame connection is to learn how to release those lower vibrations for us to be higher and more in alignment with who we truly are. It doesn’t mean we have babies with them… although babies may come!

I wish you all the best on your twin flame journey’s and your divine connections with spirit while living on the Earthly plane.

If you have any questions, or comments please feel free to contact me, I have workshops coming up in Nov/Dec which I am very excited about!

God Bless You!

Natalie x


Saying Germain and The Violet Flame – with this new moon…


How can we use this energy with the new moon?

Language is universal, and the only barrier we have when communicating, are words and labels. This is when Divine Love and The Violet Flame come together to transcend, transform and unite us. We stand as one. Learn to live as one, and get out of our comfort zones.

Raging fire doesn’t mean to hurt one another, it means to let out what we have been holding on for far too long. Speak words we never say because we are too scared. Now is the time to let it out.

We always tend to feel embarrassed after we let out rage or our burning desires because they are sitting in a lower vibration. I know this from experience that when I sing and let out a big note and it cracks, it means I’ve pushed too much air out and the voice wobbles. But sometimes this is a good thing, because it expands my limitations and I am using muscles in my body that I don’t normally use, and I am then bringing THE PHYSICAL part of me into existence.

We cant’t just have the spiritual, we need the balance of the physical too. If we don’t have that we hold it in and get pains, or burns, and it needs to be expressed in a sacred way.

Our sacral chakra holds this energy and it is connected directly to our other power centers, our heart and our third eye.

The power of Love is something that goes so deep we are beginning to comprehend the layers and how far we can go. It starts with us. We need to do our own healing and connect to every element. The Fire is one we have forgotten, one we have judged, one we have felt ashamed to use… well it’s time to bring our passion back in a sacred way and learn how to use The Violet flame to call in Freedom, Justice and PEACE. We can ROAR for peace when we need to, and rage our fire when we need to as well. It not good or bad… it is an experience. Where there is love there is also hate.

After I finished this video, I went into a “hate” feeling because I didn’t like part of it and I found it annoying. Then I realized that it is part of the process… that if I didn’t go there, I wouldn’t not have gotten the pure tones at the end of the video and I felt such a deep connection at that point, that it was all worth… even the annoying bits. This is a metaphor for our life and our being. To raise the vibration we need to go to places we’ve never been.

Sometimes I know I try to hard and I just need to relax and let things happen in divine timing, when it feels right and I am not forcing it. Sometimes we want things so bad that we push for it instead of fight for it with that burning desire. There is a difference between controlling others, and controlling ourselves. Love is never jealous, and it never controlling. Trying too hard is a lesson for us to take a step and back, look at things from the Eagle’s perspective and RISE LIKE THE PHOENIX… we are all capable of this. Look for freedom and clarity in every situation. Ask for it. Ascension is the key.

We need to use our sacred divine energy and connect to the physical part of us.

The video I speak of is part of a course I have written with the help of guides, called “The Enchanted Forrest”. For more information please contact me personally

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How are serving the new moon today?

Love and blessings,


There Once Was A Woman…

There once was a woman named Katie. She was searching, for true love. She had been a given a calling and knew that she was directly connected to the Great Spirit and could heal anyone that came into her presence. Once Katie accepted her mission, her whole entire life changed.

Connecting this to the material world and having a 9-5pm job was out of the question, and Katie was forced to make a huge decision and follow her now given path, no matter what, no matter how hard it may seem at times.

What Katie didn’t know, was that her magic was being expanded, and overtime she connected to The Great Spirit to heal, she was rewarded with great gifts. Gifts to travel, meet people, and also heal herself. She met great masters, and also her spiritual soul family. She grew to understand that the more she helped people the more she could create magic with a new word she learnt, called Co-Creation.

Since her connection to her guides and her masters were getting stronger, overtime she brought fear into her environment, her body couldn’t take it.

There are may stories about Katie, which I would like to share. She has a gift beyond words, a gift you can only feel, hear, smell and touch, only when she is in the presence of The Great Spirit, and her guides.

Katie soon learnt that she couldn’t be who she is now, without people. That it was always an energy exchange. The magic happens when there is no doubt, no fear, and deep sense of knowing. But how did she develop such insight, wisdom and knowledge?

Through exploring. Asking questions. Speaking out. Always wanting to understand the meaning and the purpose for all things.

Katie, what is the meaning of all things? Why are we here?

Katie: We are here to live. To have fun and enjoy ourselves. Not to worry about material things. To trust in the God and the universe, that all things are provided for, when we connect and when we take action, in the way our higher self and our bodies want us to. To listen to ourselves through love, not by what we hear on the TV, or what we feel we “should” be doing in our life. Life is short. Why stop yourself from doing what you love? For Money? Yes of course we need money, but one should not worship money, live for money, you do not take money with you to the next life. Learn, read books, move around, dance, get naked, talk to someone you care about and tell them you love them. That’s what matters. Even the great rich people will eventually fall. They will learn that Love is the most powerful thing, once they have become rich with money and realise their problems still exist. Being present, being full of life, and living our dreams, is what makes a better world. I could go on forever… when ones attain wealth through spirituality and attaches this to their business, it will stand like the pyramids.

When I spoke to Katie about her life, I felt what a brave woman she is, to take risks and go where not many people go.

Katie, what was the last healing session you did and how did it come about?

The last healing session I did was over the phone. I met a wonderful young gentlemen named Tom, who was extremely handsome. I invited him over for dinner, after he kindly helped me fix my computer. Rather than spending $575 at The Apple Store, Tom came over and cleaned it, gave it some positive energy and magically it started to work. He also lent his laptop in the meantime, while mine came back to life. I loved his energy. I said if he ever needed anything in return I would be glad to help him. He suggested maybe I can help his mum who was ill. I gladly accepted. During dinner when I was sharing all my magical stories with him, I felt he didn’t believe me, that maybe I was making it all up. Once I got my pendulum out and it started swinging on it’s own, he touched my hand to see if I was moving it myself. I got sad, and thought maybe I should stop telling him about my magic. He gave me an extremely good hug, said goodbye, and I could feel something sickly, a dark energy that was so powerful. I started to hear voices trying to talk to me, like they were hiding in the fan I had going in my room. I couldn’t understand it, they were speaking in a different language I’d never heard. During our dinner, I asked Tom if he could tell me if the orange star that was blaring us in the face, was Mars. It was. I knew it. He happened to have an app that goes back and forward in time, to connect to the stars and the planets. I felt he was not the average guy, but there was something not quite right, I could feel he had something stopping him from opening up spiritually. The next evening, we spoke on text, and I felt very ill. I sensed he had a parasite. I asked for healing, and I started to purge, it came of me instantly. I prayed to Archangel Micheal for protection and got that parasite out. I wasn’t sure if I had done the healing correctly, and ask Tom what colour his stomach was when he connected to it through his minds eye. He said, “It was Purple”. I felt a sense of calm, but the resistance was still there. I gave him some advice, “To not resist any energy that he doesn’t like, to send it love and let it go”. Because when we resist we let that energy attach to us, then we become what we don’t want.

Katie, how did Tom get the parasite?

Katie: I believe he swallowed it, he was swallowing things he didn’t like, and it wasn’t digesting in his small intestine. I connected directly to it, and I experienced it like it was happening to me.

Katie learnt through her healing, what energy was coming from her and what wasn’t, and to do this, she always needed to come back to her self, in deep meditation to understand the process and thank her Angels, and Spirit Guides for the healing.

To be continued…    

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I’m NATG The Angel Heart Oracle,

Not too long to go until our free webinar begins! Tomorrow, Saturday May 26th and would love to invite you along.

Three HOT topics:




Plus bonus surprises!

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Would you like to experience the free webinar on the big screen? Then head into The Theosophical society, in Melbourne, Australia at 2pm.

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MAY 26th Webinar

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your feedback on my last blog. The blog was a huge game changer for me, and it also was for others. I find when I am the most honest and vulnerable with myself, that’s when the energy really starts to shift.

A few people asked me if I was ok.

No. I wasn’t ok, I felt horrible, like someone was choking me and I felt trapped.

The good news is, the meditation I created for myself healed me. Within 24 hours I was back on my feet, bigger and stronger than ever. I needed to go through that, to create a better life for myself and to create that meditation, to understand the power of self healing and self love.

Instead of wasting my day in bed feeling sorry for myself, I forced myself up and used my instincts. With help from my guardian angels and spirit guides.

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Being in the ‘NOW’. Manifest good health.

It’s bank holiday weekend here in Uk and the sun is shining, summer is here!

Part of this journey is being in the ‘NOW’. Not about waiting for that big break, or waiting til everything is perfect, or waiting til I lose that extra few pounds, or waiting til I get my hit song on the radio, so I can talk about how successful I am. I am going to share my struggles as well as my successes, my dreams and what I am working towards, right now. This a journey. Not the end. There is no end.

I wrote a prayer today, because I woke up feeling like my throat was choked, it was really sore. I felt trapped, like I couldn’t breathe. I can’t live like that. I knew I could get myself into a healthier place, and that I could free myself from these negative thoughts and my limiting beliefs. I knew that 17 seconds of a constant thought is enough to manifest anything. I wanted to manifest good health and break free from feeling trapped, which is exactly what I did. As soon as I got up, I looked in the mirror, put my right hand on my throat and my left hand on my heart and I started writing, this is what I wrote…