5 Reasons Why You Are Struggling With Your Breathing


5 reasons why your struggling with your breath while singing and speaking 


  1. Your spine is out of alignment
  2. Your chest is closed
  3. You’re releasing your breath to quickly
  4. You’re forcing your breath
  5. You are not relaxed



  1. Position : Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position or lying down. Keep your spine relaxed. The spine is where we hold our tension and where we have our support system for our entire body. If our spine is out of alignment this could be one of the reasons why your breath may feel shallow or short. There are many ways to align your back. If your back is really sore the best thing to do is lie down flat on the floor, with no matt. A wooden floor is recommended. Slowly allow gravity to move your spine in the most comfortable position. Allow your shoulders to press as far as you can into the floor to allow your chest to open as much possible.
  2. Stretch out your chest: If you are sitting upright, take a deep breath in through your nose, mouth closed, tongue relaxed, teeth not touching. At the same time, raise your arms out to the sides and keep breathing and raising your arms until you have filled up your lungs as much as you possibly can. If you are lying down, do the same motion, but lying on your back.
  3. Hold your breath: Hold your breath and slowly move your hands down to the ground. Then allow your body and shoulders to go down as well and relax your belly.
  4. Hold your breath for 5 seconds.
  5. Slowly let out the air, surrender and hold the breath for 3 seconds, then go back to normal breathing.

You can repeat this process as many times as you need to. This breathing exercise will make you feel more calm, release tension, bring more energy into your body and teach you how to breathe more deeply and freely. Our breath is our life force.

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The New Moon is asking us to connect to our inner child to find peace.

The New Moon is asking us to connect to our inner child to find peace.

Meditation – The New Moon is asking us to connect to our inner child

Today’s Monday Meditation is all about learning how to be guided by our inner knowing, by connecting to our inner child. There are clear steps which we can take that will help us on our journey to discover the truth in all things, and live a happy peaceful life. In this video I take you through the steps, one by one, and guide you, through my voice, my singing and my connection to spirit. With this I am able to share these secrets with you. Please watch from beginning to end as I have special words which I use. Please let me know what they are and make comments and I will give you a special prize!

Real spiritual work takes commitment to self and connection with our spirit on all levels, all the time. It is not something you can turn off and on, it is always with us. Recognizing how and when to use it to optimize our growth and potential is becoming more and more vital to our daily existence. Come and join me in this magnificent meditation, now. Have a blessed week full of love, joy and laughter and happy tears with this new moon!

As children our minds are so open and free. Free to absorb information, some which has benefited us and a lot of information that has not and we are now relearning and reconnecting.

I can speak from my own experience that we are in a time where we are asking more questions, and wanting to know “Why” we do what we do. Doing it, just isn’t enough anymore. We want answers. So we search google, because we believe google has all the answers. Well I am here to tell you that google does not have all answers, our inner self has all the answers. The only reason we search outside of ourselves is because we are searching for external things to make us feel good, quickly and instantly.

Over the past few weeks I have been asking google, and it has confused the crap out of me. I am a spiritual teacher, I have extremely vivid dreams, and I always follow my intuition. I used to love looking up the meaning of numbers and lunar calendars, spirit animals… and now there are websites out there which can calculate all our astral signs in a second. How am I to know what’s real and truth? If I believed everything I read I would be a complete mess and extremely out of alignment. I started to spend all day searching on google, until I found the answer that actually made sense and resonated with me, it took so long, I wasted so much time, when I realized I knew the answer all the along!

It took strength and courage to make the decision to connect to my inner child, and listen to the sound of my own voice. Not long after this decision (24 hours) my thoughts began to detach from my body and my thoughts just became thoughts, and they sounded so ridiculous. Why am I thinking all these things?

Would you like to know how to quiet your mind and listen to your inner knowing? I have a message from spirit, which gives you the clear steps to follow, right here.

Let’s go into this meditation and find our inner voice, now. See you there!


Magic In The Sky with my Intimate Gatherings

Intimate Gatherings – The Beginning

Intimate Gathering for healing

What a journey 2019 has been already.


I am writing this special newsletter today to say thank you to the universe for introducing me to some very powerful spiritual woman, that have changed my life.


This article is inspired by “The Mother” our mothers and mother nature. My Own Mother, The Mother Mary and the power of the divine feminine. When I say divine feminine it is the balance between the Divine Masculine and feminine which is exists to be as one, and the mother is in the core of the creation of this experience.


I did an interview (The interview was about my healing and what I do) in November last year, after meeting the man of my dreams and moving in with him in New York. In the interview I was talking about my book, “How To Heal A Broken Relationship” and I noticed at the end of my interview, a comment popped up on Facebook about interest in purchasing my book. My new man of my dreams says to me, “Natalie, you better check your messages and let them know your book is for sale”. I did just that, I spent time personally messaging people in the comments. I connected with one particular woman who says she is not tech savvy and may not be able to download my ebook… but I was determined to make sure she received it. It took a few weeks, and in this time we developed a friendship and began conversations about spirituality and I don’t know how it happened, but she became our spiritual source of connection to the higher realms and connected us on a journey that has been completely magical and continues to grow every day.


Not only has my use of Facebook and social media introduced to me to 80% of my students, it has opened pathways that would have never been accessible. Once I learnt how to align myself with the energies I felt would serve me, things began to blossom. I met a beautiful woman by the name of Fran who was brave enough to host our very first event in her home and hold a wonderful space for an intimate gathering in Melbourne, December 2018. It was a huge success. A lounge room full of healers!!! I was blown away by the energy in the room and what had occurred, not only were we healing ourselves, we were healing the world! We had a big spiritual party, full of laughter, joy, tears, prayer, chanting and high vibrational frequencies. There was food and snacks, and I ended up staying and chatting to a lovely woman, by the name of Rhonda who has her own spiritual practice and is a soul healer, she also became a special guest on my sexual healing podcast, and we discussed our opinions on sex and love, very honestly.


These versions of events was the beginning of something extremely special. Every-time I do an intimate gathering with a host, I can feel the spirit of Fran and the ladies at the first gathering coming to help and share their blessings.


This article is dedicated to all the ladies who attended my very first gathering, thank you so much for creating a beautiful space for healing the world, because that is exactly what we are doing.


Here is an image that one of the ladies sent me, after the event… and I know we created this magical sky!

Magic in the sky

Our Spiritual Ancestors

Our Spiritual Ancestors from Wombat Park

Have you ever wondered what else is out there? Where we come from? And why we exist? Well I don’t have the answers to those questions, but I do have an insight through story telling. Through telling my stories. I meet people everyday on my journey, people who are extremely special and continue to show me that there is beauty out there with beautiful people. I stopped watching the news and TV a long time ago, which definitely helped. Now I have come into a new alignment and reconnection with myself, that I am able to turn on the TV sometimes and watch those horrid news reports without taking any of it on. But why would I bother even going there? Sometimes it’s good to know stuff of what not to do, so we know not to do it.

Where to start in my story this week, I do not know. So much has happened. My story last week was so long I still haven’t finished typing it out. So this week I have decided that the Articles will be published once a month as short stories with audio and visual and the #TeaTuesdays will be poems that I channel. A lot easier and faster to manager as well!

I have chosen to publish this poem that came to me a few weeks ago. My God it is pretty deep and I didn’t understand it at all, which was why I hadn’t published it yet. After today’s experience, I am now ready to publish it and explain it to you.

It’s about the Dancing Serpent and our connection to the land! This one came from Australia I am absolutely sure of it. Where it says “Jesus is coming” was the part that I knew would either put people off or turn people on, depending on their religion, culture or beliefs. I don’t want to offend anyone or put people off, and at the same time I don’t want to edit what has been channelled for me to share. Being true to the message is very important to me. To me, “Jesus is coming” refers to us as humans waking up and not to be taken literally… or maybe he is coming? Who knows… but the deeper meaning here is to go deeper… instead of looking at it on the surface level like I did at first.

I was taken to a beautiful park land today called Wombat Park with a friend who is of the Yorta Yorta Aborginal Tribe where the country radiates out from the Murray River on both sides in all compass directions, roughly from Cohuna in the west to just outside Albury/Wodonga in the east to a northerly point in NSW approximately 20-30 km past Finley and extends south into Victoria just short of Nagambie.

The park lands where we were today, around my area was also aboriginal sacred land, where the Wurundjeri Elders resided or may still reside, I am yet to find out. This month I will share my whole story and connection which I have with the indigenous land, but for now I will fill you in on a few major details to prepare you for my story! I googled Mannignham council to find out which tribe resided in Wombat Park and I found this:

“Reconciliation is about building positive relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and other Australians. The journey of reconciliation is important for all Australians, as it recognizes the need to improve the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, and acknowledges the enormous impact of the colonial settlement of Australia and the forced removal of children from their families (Stolen Generations), a trauma still being felt today by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.”

Let me tell you, from my spiritual encounters and experience, it is so much more than that. That is only the surface. It is to cover up all the other deep secrets that have yet to be told about why this happened and how it got to that point. I call it the Devil’s work. And as they say, you can’t have the light without the dark which I appreciate, but in this case it’s justice and healing of the land… because guess what? We are all connected which means we are all affected by what happened all over the world. It’s the power of Mother Nature that no human can ever try and over power, she will rock this world until it’s cleansed and she will shake it until it’s awakened.

As we were sitting in the park, we decided to go where there were some shade. So we sat on the river, just by the rocks and the trees, on the river bank, in front of a tree, on the grass hill. We could both hear something rustling in the grass directly behind us, we both acknowledged it but we kept on talking. We had just met, it was our first encounter. I explained to him that I noticed he was surrounded by spiritual ancestors and extremely connected to spirit and to the land, and that I had been guided to speak to the elders to know more about how they practiced ceremony, and it’s no surprise that it is through song and dance. But because they were denied their rights to be human, they stopped doing it, they lost confidents and felt so much guilt and shame about their connection to spirit and to their way of living, they hid everything, to keep it sacred and protected. It wasn’t just their children that were taken away from them, it was their spirit, and they are not the only ones. My grandparents tell me every day how angry they are about everything they worked so hard for that they feel has been taken away from them. They are definitely not fans of the government here in Australia and I don’t know many people who are and things need to change. There is good and bad in everything and the good ones need to show face now, it’s time for us good people to come together to speak out for those who cannot. This includes the aboriginals and indigenous culture and tribes. There is a lot of healing which needs to be done for us all to release the pains and traumas that have been building up over millions of years.

Through ceremony and gatherings, of singing and dancing, story telling and prayer, in all languages and cultures we are able to reconnect to our true nature of who we really are, because this invites our spiritual ancestors in with us to guide us and support the bigger picture, because what is happening is so much bigger than us and something we CAN explain, something we DO know, something we DO feel, it’s time to be honest and just say it how it is. It’s real. We CAN see it, we CAN feel it, love on a global scale CAN exist because we live in a beautiful world which will always restore itself even in the worst of times, but this time we KNOW we can make a difference and join her on this journey to sacred peace and harmony. Which of course is our natural state of being.

As we are sitting on the grass time disappears and we take off into the land, into the nature. We become one with nature. We then get deeper into our conversation to the point where we almost forgot where we are… and all of a sudden we hear this massive SPLASH!!! Like someone had fallen from the top of the tree into the water… and because the water was so clean, it was like time slowed down and were able to see every micro movement of what happened. We saw a huge snake dive into the water, right next to where we were sitting, and the birds were chirping so loudly they were all bunched up together in a line, holding the snake in the air!!! The birds were moving and directing the snake into the water from the sky, or the tree, we couldn’t see where it came from, all we saw were the birds totally in control and the snake was petrified. We both looked at each other in disbelief. We were so close to that snake… the birds looked so proud of themselves and they were flying around us and gliding with joy. I said to my friend, “Do you think they saved us from the snake?” He said “yeah it kinda looked like that” we both weren’t sure what to do. Should we move onto somewhere safer… my friend says “That was a tiger snake, one of the most poisonous snakes in Australia, people die from them”. I said “Well I think we just experience what it feels like to be one with nature! And let’s not tempt fate, we were saved once, lets say thank you and go sit on the park bench, just incase… and at least we know we are protected.”

We were both speechless. We didn’t have much time together and we both knew there was so much to say. We tried to come down from that high but I don’t think we did. I am still buzzing from it.

It was a wake up call! Nature is alive and the serpent was dancing! The course I have just written also has a serpent snake on the front and I am 100% sure it was the exact same snake we saw in person. The course is called “Shedding Skin” which is completely relevant and related to what I am talking about today. We all have been affected by the guilt and shame in a very deep way and now we are all waking up to it and are finding ways to heal and do something about it. It is clear the snake has a deeper meaning and is connected to this healing.

Let’s embrace the indigenous tribes, and now it’s time for me to learn more about them, meet the elders and continue my stories. But before I do, I am extremely drawn to share this poem with you, which was chanelled to me. Make what you will out of it, and after seeing that serpent today, I know now that the power is in nature. GAIA. The Mother Goddess of The Earth.

This is only my perspective of this event, I asked my friend he’s perspective and he said the most profound thing; that he needed to focus on the power of the indigenous spirits and shake off the overlaying post colonial trauma, which was represented in the birds, who were the exotic ones.

Thank you so much for taking the Time to read this. Please share, make comments and if you know of an elder who would like to speak out, please send them my way.

The Dancing Serpent

Spirit doesn’t just sit there, he moves around
Want to move want to shake want to shine
The Serpent wants to dance
Jesus is coming
No more time for suffering
We must create our own destiny to really be free
Rejoice in the daily GOOD
As we move into higher planes
The Door is open

The Land Is Ours
With No Borders
You are safe in Gods Hands
Th Higher Power lies within us all
The infinite mother the infinite father
The dreams we all share will become stronger

You want power then open your heart
You want Justice then fight like a warrior

Written By Spirit.


It’s story telling time…


I could have sat still and did nothing knowing that I may not get what I wanted.

I knew that I would have to take a risk and work hard to make this my priority even though I knew I had a 50/50 chance.

If I didn’t do it I would never have made it. I would never had known.


I’m talking about what I did this week and why I came to Sydney.


I auditioned for a part in West Side Story. They had 450 applicants and I was chosen. Which really surprised me. I did tell them I was really good at Jazz, but what I forgot to mention was that I hadn’t danced in 15 years. I can definitely move, that’s for sure, and I love dancing, I am prepared to work hard to learn and be the best at my craft, but one week of learning advanced mambo and salsa, I would need more than a miracle for that to happen. I have Anita’s energy and my personality is definitely one of a fiery woman. I knew my voice was right, but I really failed at the dancing. I accepted the opportunity to go for the role and I accepted my dancing would need a lot of coaching. I also accepted that I would need to cover my own costs to get to Sydney and be there for the final call backs!


For the entire week prior to this, I danced to America! Singing about how much I love Manhattan and that “I want to be in America”… while I was in America!


I also discovered that the man of my dreams was also in America. He and I had been talking everyday, building a friendship, that has now turned into the beginning of a very deep love. The last week of my stay, I moved my things into his apartment. We chatted about how I needed a TV to practice my dance choreography. We were both searching in our imagination, while we were talking on the phone about it, how we would solve this issue to magically get a TV!


When I arrived at his place, with all my luggage, there just happened to be a huge TV in the living room, sitting there waiting for me, with the wooden floors, ready for me to dance. I had a dream as a child, of being on Broadway, in musical theatre land lived that similar dream, in Australia acting and singing in plays and musicals as a child. But this time, I was practicing for myself. I wanted to learn the song and dance, simultaneously. And I did… well kind of! I learnt the moves from the Broadway Show in New York – on YouTube on our big screen TV, and I was really enjoying pushing myself beyond my limits, loving the new rhythms, getting fit and it was definitely raising my vibration!


Tommy and I were rising more and more in love by the minute and I was in heaven for the first time in my life. Of all the success I have had so far, I can tell you, that deep love I learnt to have for myself turned into a deep love for Tommy and this has been my biggest achievement to date. He watched me dance, he encouraged me, he would make me Matcha Green Tea Lattes and always lift me up, tell me how sexy and beautiful I am, and this made everything alright. He looked into my soul with every word. He took time to see me and feel me, and understand me.


Was this the way I treated him?


Yes. I believe this to be true. I knew that if I hadn’t worked on myself love and treated myself the way that I would want to be treated, no one else would treat me the way I wanted to be treated. Instead of writing a list about the “perfect man” I wrote a list about “My Perfect Self”. Who I choose to be.


7 years later, I wrote a book about the 7 steps to self healing and by doing the work, I found it in another human being, after finding myself.


I kept dancing and singing until I couldn’t do it anymore. I even went and took some dancing classes. I wanted to push myself to see how far I could go with my dancing and whether or not I could play this role.


It was also my time to leave America, my visa was up. My audition was on the following day of my arrival in Australia, and I had so much going on with my healing business, I didn’t really think about the logistics of my audition. I was so focused on the dancing and the recording of my audition tape. My dance class I had booked ended up getting cancelled and I took it as a sign that maybe I didn’t need it, and I could learn it on my own? At the last minute the dance school ended up contacting me and reassured me my private dance lesson was still going ahead… phew! The instructor had not checked her emails I had sent with the reference to the YouTube clip I had been practicing with, which she requested, and offered to prepare me for this. The lesson was a shambles! I ended up showing her my improv and she suggested I film myself doing that, she said it looked choreographed, but I was just making it up, lots of spins and kicks! She also offered me the dance hall space, for me to complete my recording of my audition tape, which was lovely. I accepted. She was very trusting of me, she even gave me her private code to the school. I was planning to record the rest of audition tape that evening when I got home, Tommy offered to help me with my lines and record me. But when I arrived home, Tommy and I started talking deep, and I realized I only had two more days in the country and what the heck are we going to do?


We’d been making love every day, sometimes twice a day and managing to do our work as well! Which meant not much sleep, but lots of happiness!!!


We were both coming to the realization that our time together physically was running out. We had been doing our meditations daily, but I felt I was losing my connection to spirit.


My spiritual teacher/mentor picked up my energy and sent me a message, telling me some negativity was trying to come through. “The Book” was my first thought! I’d been trying to rewrite my last chapter over and over, because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings that may have been mentioned. I was writing from head and not allowing spirit to flow through me, and this was really holding me back, and I didn’t realize.


I was also wanting to write about my new found love for Tommy and how it happened straight after I finished my book, but it just wasn’t flowing.


I was guided to do a meditation, set my intention, light three candles and three intentions to keep the energy moving forward. My first intention was to get deeper in my connection to Spirit and for the spirit to flow through me. As soon as I went into my meditation, I began feeling extremely relaxed, that my head and neck started moving, completely on it’s own, like someone was moving it. I could feel the spirit in my body. I could feel it’s breath. It felt so good. So relaxing I didn’t want to stop the meditation. I went in to tell Tommy and he said, “have you read the book about The Law Of Attraction?” I said “No”. I was very curious. He said, “ the woman who talks, she channels spirits and one in particular, and it all started by her head moving, and after a while she realized it was giving her messages through her nose moving into letters.” But the more I tried to figure out what the letters were, I would lose my sense of concentration and couldn’t be as relaxed. I tried putting a pen into my mouth and had Tommy pick up the paper for me scribble on, and write the messages down, but it was too hard. We did end up receiving the messages, but not from the piece of paper, from my voice. I could talk and be relaxed. I could talk and allow my head to move. We were being guided. I was told to stay in America. The only legal way I could stay is if I got married and in 2 days, that was just not going to happen. Spirit also said, “don’t rush” so we took that as another sign, to let it build. We knew that this was our outcome and something we were to build together. Our connection to this Spirit brought us closer together and in that moment, we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We could see our future, then we both freaked out!


Tommy went into his head and I went quiet. This was all happening so fast I didn’t want to ruin it, we both wanted it to grow organically. Tommy said that I am going to meet some spiritual guru and fall in love with him, and I laughed, but then realized he was serious. I took a step back in that moment and I asked myself if this was the truth? I kept going back into this feeling of just wanting to be free to be myself. Tommy asked me what that meant, “Does this mean, to have sex with other men?” No. I was very clear. This means being completely happy. I’ve been there and done all that and that is a whole other story. Being completely happy, is feeling like I can be myself in every way, which Tommy has witnessed from the day we first met. I explained that all the other stuff was just in his head. I did have attraction to other men, but the more Tommy and I fell deeper in love, those other men faded away, and I looked at them much differently. Tommy became my world and I became his. I wanted a team player, and I explained this to him. Someone who is on my team. His spirit loved that! That’s when I knew he was the one. Our energies shifted and we became one in that moment. We kissed and hugged like magic and then realized it was already passed midnight! I hadn’t filmed my audition tape! I was considering to ask Tommy to take me to the dance studio right that second to get it recorded but thought that we were both too tired and that we needed our rest. He then suggested the exact same thing to me! Tells me how amazing I am and we had so much fun recording it. It was the first time I farted in front of him and he thought it was really funny. That made my night!

I also didn’t have underwear on underneath my dress and I got so excited and felt so free with him, that I laid back, swung my dress up and gave him a nice flash of my bits! We both laughed and realized there was a camera in the studio!


We achieved our goals of what we had planned and more. We had not planned to have our deep talk or develop even more of a deeper connection and anything we did after that, was easy and fun! I edited the video that night, and submitted it, while Tommy fell asleep beside me, in our extremely big California King Size bed (which I never knew such a big bed even existed!) I loved watching him sleep, he looked so peaceful and he farts in his sleep and even loved that too!


I rested for most of the following morning while Tommy woke up early to start his day. I spoke to my immigration lawyer and after that, we were all settled on me coming back to America in a few months to sort things out, and we could rest easy.


It was time to pack! My flight was in a few hours and there was a list of things to do! One thing I loved about Tommy that was also really important to me, was that he added my “to do list” as part of his, and made sure it got done, in a fun and exciting way, without complaining about it. He has a bit of a military style attitude, which I find super sexy.


I forgot to pick up my white dress for my audition, from the dry cleaners and it was thanks giving, which meant shops were closed! I needed this dress for my audition. It was the only one I had. I happened to have the phone number of the lovely lady who washed my dress, only by chance. A week before, Tommy asked me to pick up our bed sheets from her and she happened to message me from my personal number.


That morning, even though I was feeling rushed and we had so much on our to do list, I stopped and said, “Tommy let’s do our 15 min meditation to start the day, so everything runs smoothly, I need to get rid of this anxiety around our to do to list and my flight”. He understood, we were both eager and ready. We sat on the bed, set our timer and went straight into prayer. I loved the way he said my name to introduce me to God as “Natalie Rose Gauci” I was yet to feel as confident saying his full name. I will. He prayed for me, then I prayed for us.


I always wondered when people say they pray, what are they actually doing?


I still don’t really know the answer to this question but I did discover on my spiritual journey that praying is up to the individual. I’ve practiced prayers where I have chanted Mantra’s 108 times for 40 consecutive days, wahe guru, I’ve said the Rosary, The Our Father and Hare Krishna, Nam Myo Renge Kyo… the list goes on. For me, it’s what ever works at the time. Right now the most effective prayer is the one I received from Spirit and parts from some of my mentors, which is;


Dear God,


Thank you for this day.


I invite you in the name of The father and The Son and Holy Spirit (this calls in both Jesus and The Holy Spirit). I invite archangel Michael into our meditation to protect our love and light and bring in only love and light of the highest vibrations. I then invite our spirit guides, ascended masters and the Angels and other energies where I feel guided.


Tommy loves Saint Germaine and has discovered a new spirit guide by the name of Jedediah who I believe is our new born son, to come. I also have met a female spirit baby who I believe will also be here with us soon, called Soriha. My mum thinks they will be twins! I would love that.


After our initial prayer, we go with the flow. We share gratitude first, then ask God to co-create with us and our day ahead. We then pray for our family and friends, then sit in silence and surround ourselves with White and Purple Light. Before we know it, the timer goes off and we are ready to start our day.


I always feel energized and free when I put trust in God and The Universe.


The first Miracle of the day, was receiving my white dress! The laundry lady responded to my message and her son offered to ride his bike over to us, so we could pick it up! Tommy tipped him a $20 and we were all happy! He came back with a beautifully pressed dress ready for me to sing and dance in.


Booking my flight to Sydney while we were eating breakfast was a challenge. There is this new app which we booked from, which had completely thrown me off balance. The booking said, “Melbourne to Sydney”. My plan was to arrive from LA, meet my dad, he would take my luggage home, and I would take just what I needed for Sydney. He lives close the airport and it meant I would get to see him as well! Dad was there early to meet me, and as I arrived he looked stressed out. I think he was worried about me missing my Domestic flight to Sydney. My reference number wouldn’t work. It was perfect timing for me to contact Tommy, he was still awake. I knew he would be able to help me, he booked the flight from his phone… so he was bound to have the correct reference number. Nope, still didn’t work. Turns out my flight was from Avalon Airport! This would be exactly one hour – by car to get there and get my flight! I would need to leave right then and there, if I were to make it.


What to do?


My dad started making calls, frantically asking family to come and pick me up and drive me to Avalon, to save money. I started booking an Uber. Dad didn’t have his car, and was not prepared for our plans to changed so suddenly. He had his beautiful lovely patient wife waiting in the car for us. They also had other plans and could not drive me to Avalon. I had the Uber booked, and was quickly moving some of my clothes from one suitcase to the other. In this moment my dad is suggesting for me to wait for family, and then Tommy texts me and he says “Do it!”. $100 later and I’m off! I was in such a daze. While I was on the plane from LA I wrote a list of all the things I needed to bring with me to Sydney, that list went out the window and in that moment I just picked out my dress, my shoes and anything else I could think of, went completely into my subconscious mind to get myself into that Uber as fast as humanly possible. Tommy says “You are on a mission… this is one of your challenges” It really inspired me to go for it.


I then gave my dad my big suitcase, said goodbye and off I went! I made the flight by a few minutes. It was also mentioned that I was not the only one who had made this mistake, which says a lot about the company or a lot about the airport. Who knew who was at fault? All I knew is that I was off to Sydney. I had time to shovel some food down, and off we went.


People were fascinated with my drum. I was asked if I was drummer, and I guess I am!


While I was collecting my luggage at Melbourne Airport I explained to Tommy that my dad had found some places for me to stay, but he didn’t actually book anything because he wasn’t sure of the exact dates of my travel and how much I wanted to spend. My request to Tommy was… “something cheap, with a bed… it’s only a few nights”.


I landed in Sydney and the first text I see is Tommy. He booked me into a “Tiny Room” with a bed. He sent me the pics and it looked pretty good on the Air BnB Site. It said “Private Room with bed” and that’s all I needed. When I arrived, it was a little different. I was greeted by a young, slim pretty Asian woman who was bright and bubbly. She was standing in front of a massage parlor with a tall white man, who gave her some cash. She put in her purse, grabbed my heavy luggage and took it up two flights of stairs. She was so petite, I don’t know how she was able to lift my luggage. It was very sweet. As we arrived upstairs, I got to see the rooms, which were not really rooms. It was more like a dorm with 6 beds, partitioned off, with no closed off ceiling. You could hear the other people sleeping and felt strange. It was very clean and there was a good shower and bathroom. I was feeling like I was missing something. I could hear a voice inside my head saying “Call your people” I knew that I knew people in Sydney but I couldn’t think of who! I was exhausted from my flight and had a foggy brain.


Once my bed was made, I hopped straight in and fell asleep. The bed was comfortable. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like I was going to vomit. It was almost ready to come out. I went running for the bathroom, but it was occupied. I ran downstairs in search for another bathroom and noticed the place was still open and there was an Asian man sitting waiting for his turn. I had a vision of this young woman giving happy endings and who knows what else. As I continued to look for a bathroom I stumbled across a room with a whole lot of junk in it! I really felt ill. I couldn’t stay in this environment. I was feeling sick because of what was happening downstairs. I could sense it and feel it and it wasn’t nice.


I went back into my room, my stomach had settled. I then spoke to my mum and she reminded me that my cousins lived in Sydney! They lived literally 15 minutes away from where I was staying and I completely forgot! How did I forget such a thing? I contacted them straight away. They were so happy to hear from me and invited me to stay with them. They were so lovely, offering me their bed, cleaned sheets and cooked me dinner. It was beautiful!

But first I had my audition to do… I woke up early at 5am and started my day. Spoke to Tommy and we did our meditation. I decided to get my audition out the way, before moving anywhere. I practiced, practiced and practiced. I assumed that because I was part of the call backs they would want to see me act and sing, as well as dance. I also assumed that they had seen me dance in my Audition tape. I asked for some feedback on my audition tape and was told no one had seen it as yet, that the directors were flying in the air from New York to Melbourne as we speak. I wondered why I couldn’t have my audition in New York? I raised the question and received the typical answer; that I needed to be in Australia for those specific dates without exceptions. I knew then if I really wanted to do that, I would need to push for it, and knew there was no hope there… I did what I was told and followed through to the live audition. I had to be out of the US anyway but I still couldn’t help but wonder why even up until the audition day, did I not hear any feedback on my audition tape? To be sure, I send another email, to confirm I am to attend the call backs. The say yes, and now I am totally confused! Maybe I had a chance? Even with my lack of dancing skills? What was I thinking? I really should have been more specific with my questions and honest with myself and with the directors about the fact that I was struggling with the dance choreography. Something was telling me to just continue on this journey. So I did. I had prepared myself for the fail by going to a dance class on Broadway while I was in New York, which I loved but totally sucked at. I remember coming home to Tommy that day and almost giving up. He encouraged me to keep going.


The dance Audition in Sydney reminded me of the Broadway dance class. It was amazing watching how the dancers picked up the choreography so fast. I just couldn’t keep up. No matter how much practice I did. It also didn’t help that I practiced everything back the front, the opposite way around, because I was learning from the TV!. I was doomed. I sat by the side lines and watched them dance so gracefully. It was truly amazing. I appreciated being there and being the observer. I was way out of my league and I was ok with it. I wasn’t attached to my role as Anita as much as I was in love with the character. I was happy. Tommy was by my side the whole time. We prayed before my audition and he gave me some tips on how to celebrate before my audition rather than after, to feel like I’ve already won. I really had already won. I had won the man of my dreams and I wanted that so much more than anything. The leading role would have been a bonus. It also meant, that I would have been in Australia for 2 months longer which meant two months more away from Tommy. It also made me realize my work ethic and if I put this same work ethic into my healing business this would make me so happy. This is my calling and where my energy is being guided to be. Don’t get me wrong, if the directors miraculously wanted to spend hours teaching me dancing for the role, I would not say no!


I am now with my cousins enjoying my birthday and feel extremely happy deep within my soul. The true meaning of happiness is when you can just be. When you don’t need anything else to make you happy, you are just happy. When we don’t rely on others to make us feel happy.


I knew my birthday was going to be a beautiful day because I felt so much love in my heart. I also gave my cousin a reading last night which made my heart sing. She is in a new place from London where everything is unfamiliar territory. Which can be exciting and scary all at the same time. I gave her the messages I received and opened a new door for her to see all the possibilities rather than the impossibility’s.


When we have a blank canvas, we can always create. This is the beauty of creation.


What the day brings, only God knows. I will continue to do as my heart is being guided to do and continue to create my world.


I woke up with the birds singing and a second later, my phone buzzes and it’s Tommy. He sends me his writings, wishing me a happy birthday – hand written. Telling me that I’ve built a coat of armor to deflect the small non-trivial static and interference of life, he then explains that I am “hardened”, but also soft! The magic in his words filled my heart with joy, but the one thing that I know for sure is that from the very first words in that letter, he says, “Good Morning Sunshine!!! Today the sun is shining and the birds are chirping” and the birds were… chirping… I could hear them outside my window. He made the birds sing for me, or the birds tuned in, got Tommy’s message and told me, so I would wake up and read the beautiful heart felt letter. This is divine timing. When the universe is completely connected to your call, to your love, to your own source energy.



To be continued…


The world is our oyster and we are the champions that ride the wave of the unknown with our omni-presence with the universe existence. We must acknowledge this to move forward and keep moving forward in our lives for many lives exist without attachment to it. Who we are does not matter when we love from our hearts existence. When we pray, we are free to be closer to the source energy of what is. We know who we are deep down and when we let go of all the things that don’t matter only then we can really be free and enjoy the fruits of the life we have been given and the show of beauty that lay around us that we miss when we don’t see them. They are all around us and we can create them just as much as we can destroy them so lets speak of words that make pure gold and create rainbows and bright light. That creates beauty for us all to bath in as we co create in this world and feel the hot sun on our backs and shoulders. Who did this? Who made us? For it does not matter, all that matters is that we feel of the embrace of the beauty that surrounds us to appreciate what is, and stop asking why, how, when, with you? We grow like the flower that was once the seed. So lets start planting seeds and growing them. How would you like your seed to grow? Can you visualize this co creation and develop it into one big love? The world is our oyster, didn’t you know? Sometimes it may not feel like it, and that is because we have let the distractions get in the way of who we truly are and we have stopped allowing the fruits to be given to us. The planets align and we continue to look the other way, until the deeper love comes and we have forgotten what that feels like, we have forgotten what true love is. The heart of the matter. The ground, the mud, the soils in which we walk, have a life and exist just as much as we do. The nature of all things, is us in this universe and our energy co creates when we allow this into our lives. The more we love the more we allow, the more we vibrate on a higher frequency without any means of substances but purity and bliss of the magic kind. Who are we to deny this to ourselves? Stop asking the who. When we already know. That the world is our oyster and we can choose to grow.

*Written by Spirit

My family love eating oysters it represents family and celebration and we only have them on special occasions. We always know that when my nonna buys oysters it’s a special day. The ocean is the element of which we are made of our bodies 80% water.

*Written by Natalie Rose Gauci

We are one with this omni-presents. We are joined together to love in our heart for this is the season to bring new life and joy into the world and allow the stars to connect to our bodies and love like we have never loved before. This is free. It doesn’t cost anything. This is what it is all about. This is what matters. Say yes and be open to everything and be attached to nothing. Love in hearts on the many that can grow like the fruits of the trees. The world is our oyster and we must cherish these moments that we share on the grace of our Earth. We are given this beautiful gift, everyday.


The World Is Our Existence

Written by The Spirit

Knowing How and When To Trust

Article of The week… when you are going through an awakening how to do you know when to trust?

It’s not a surprise that many of us are going through big spiritual awakenings and rebirths, no matter what our current situation is, single, in a relationship, have just become a mother or father for the first time, or a grandma or grandpa! We are fast learning that the world is rapidly changing.

I had my first big awakening in 2012, where I changed my name by deed poll to Nellie Bell. I was so lost, I didn’t know who I was anymore, so I created someone, I figure of my imagination at first, someone I was yet to meet and become. I was so far removed from where I “should” have been, I felt I had no other way of getting back. Instead of going back, I moved forward. In a way that may have seemed very crazy to my family and friends. But to me, it was a matter of life or death. I got off social media, I separated myself from society and went into prayer and meditation for about 7 – 8 months while a taught music in London High Schools. I even stopped talking to my mum! At first it was difficult, I felt alone and scared of the outside world. I had stopped watching TV and reading the newspapers. My dad would ask me, “How did you get the facts in life?” and “How did you know what to do?” and I would answer, “my inner voice told me what to do”.

At first I was like a baby learning how to walk. My only teacher and guide, being me and my spiritual teacher. I learnt how to journal during this time, and connected to what I know, as my higher self, but back then, we didn’t have names for this kind of thing, we just did it as part of our practice, and part of the learning, because it’s completely natural to connect to your higher self. It just sounds funny, to say this because who and what exactly is our higher self? The only way to really know, is to stop and listen. I had so much noise going on in my head that the silence became deafening. My wrists and throat started to choke up and I would have dreams about me performing around town but losing my rhythm or not making it to the gig. I would go back to my spiritual teacher and I would say “I feel like my head is screaming, make it stop”. We practiced some beautiful meditations together, and slowly the noises of other people’s voices went away. I started to hear my own voice. Nobody was telling me what to do anymore, apart from me and my new persona, Nellie Bell. I started sharing these meditation with the kids at school and they loved it so much!!!

I could see Nellie Bell, and her desires. They were hard to balance at first because I felt so free, I was like a teenager again, doing what ever I wanted. Nobody knew me, I was Nellie Bell. You couldn’t search for me online, I was not part of the matrix. It felt so liberating. I stumbled and I met some weirdos haha, but it was all for the greater mission that was headed my way. I just didn’t know it at the time.

Fast forward to 2017, where I had one of my biggest major shifts and calling to become a spiritual teacher and healer, which did not come easy. I felt alienated. Like nobody understood. I mean I was seeing spirits and stopped eating meat and drinking red wine. I would pray to Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and God, and the old Natalie Rose Gauci was there somewhere. I was living in Melbourne in a house where there were a lot of pictures of Shamans and Native American Indians. It was no surprise that I met my shamanic teacher on a bus! I had $900 to my name and I was writing my autobiography. I had just purchased a publishing contract with Balboa Press and was writing a children’s course about creating your Destiny. I felt I had created something so special over the years, that I wanted to share it with the children. Our OWN dreams and creations are so important, it is what helps us understand who we are and why we are here. I was stuck, I asked for help and guidance to finish my course for the kids, and boom, I bump into my Shaman! I had no idea I was going to meet him, or become a shamanic healer. I knew I had to do this course. I knew that he was going to help me find a better way to share ad communicate my message. Before this I sounded a bit like a hooky hippy. I was hesitant, the voice inside my head said “No” it tried to stop me, tell me I don’t have enough money, that I couldn’t afford it. Well I didn’t let that stop me, I paid half up front and half at the end, and I had $33 left in my bank account, but I trusted that more money would come, and it did. It was scary at the time, but I pushed through it. If you’re wondering what kind of work we do. It’s healing through God. We become the vessel to work through him to help people with deep emotional aches and pains. It’s extremely powerful. People would say Jesus was a shaman. I see him a lot in my energy work that I do.

It is ultimately love we feel and that we search for that is real, that we can trust. That we would move mountains for. That remains with us for eternity. Do the things that make your heart sing and dance, because life is just too short for worry. Live your dreams no matter how hard they may seem. Your children will learn from this and follow in your footsteps. Trust in the universe and what it has in store for you. Now is the time to break free from old restraints and move forward with confidents!

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If you would like to move forward with confidents, here is a meditation, from #MeditationMondays, from my youtube channel, which is preparation for next week, The Guyratri Mantra, the sounds of the universe.



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Prayer and Affirmations To Create Instant Magic!

The Spirit of life is in our every breath and in our every thought, in our every word and in our heart beat.


When the walls feel like they are caving in, it’s time to push through and work harder than ever to bring that positive shine back in to your heart.


Prayer and Affirmation Exercise:

  1. Place one hand over your heart (left hand) and close your eyes, breathe deeply and surrender.
  2. Ask Archangel Michael to take away any negativity that no longer serves you, and anything negative that is around you, now. Your wish will be granted.
  3. This opens up a door way of light where you can express any concerns you have or worries, and set them free.
  4. Ask God (or your choice of belief system i.e The Universe) to bring your concerns and worries when it comes to particular situations with work and people, and your relationships what ever they may be, to release any fear they may have from moving forward.
  5. This may be your work, your “customers”. Send them love and prayers, ask for their light to shine and for God to show you a sign, whether you are on the right path.
  6. Then Surrender
  7. Breathe Deeply and Trust. Surround yourself with love and light in this moment, and let it all go.
  8. Believe. Really believe in your connection to what is bigger than you and that it is out there to help you. Take the pressure off yourself and take yourself out of it, and let God do the work.

This helps me! When I was praying I did this exact thing, to add to these steps, I also spoke to my partner and my mentor, and I asked them to pray too, it takes the pressure off and makes me feel more free. Instantly my student replied to me, and reached out voicing his concerns and his “reality” with me, and I told him not to worry. That once he commits to our course together, he will move mountains, like all my other students.

One of my other students asked me about money, and how he can become rich. Love is the highest vibrational frequency and we are moving into the 5th dimension which means we need to learn to love first, and the money will come. When we are truly honest and help people from our hearts, we can develop relationships that last, that we know are genuine. This is what counts. We started talking about what “Rich” would mean if money didn’t actually exist. Because in 25 years time, this is actually a very high possibility. Now with new crypto currency Bitcoin, and the world taking a huge political down fall, crime and corruption will soon be a thing of the past. The more we can believe in this, the more it will happen. The more we can pray for this, the more it will happen.

My other student said, he believes there is abundance for all. There is, only once we create it. By this, we need to co-create, which means becoming strong in enough in ourselves first, to concur our fears and learn to love ourselves and not be afraid to share our successes with others and think that they will take what is ours. The more we think like this, the more we create lack of rather that than abundance. Love is the highest vibrational frequency.

After my “Weekly Spiritual Recall” I sang my song “Big Dream” to close at the end. We said a prayer also. Straight after my show, my neighbor came over to tell me he heard singing and how beautiful it was! It just so happened that there was another young singer and drummer with him and we all made friends! They invited me for dinner, and it turns out they have a rehearsal room with a whole band set up! The kids were awesome, they learnt my song “Back To Life” and there was so much love and happiness, it was like a dream. To see the kids so excited, eyes lighting up, and wanting my autograph, not wanting me to leave and asking me to come over anytime for dinner, was just the most beautiful thing. The following day I received a message from my neighbor saying that he was free, he offered me a ride to the shops and paid for my food, and bought me flowers. I was thinking about flowers and then “boom” he had them in his hands. Without any expectations, we connected and bonded as friends. He then opened up to me about his Thyroid issues. I was praying in my mind for a cure, I knew I could help him. Later that evening I was working with a beautiful lady from Australia, ( I do distant healing) and I created a song for her for her thyroid and she instantly felt better. I felt so happy, and I offered my healing materials to my neighbor and he kindly accepted. I felt I could give him something in return for his kindness.

I then was talking to a friend of mine, who is also a healer and I actually heard a Demon speaking through him! I told him to come over right away because this could not stay in his body. He wasn’t sure what it was and I could feel the demon was getting scared of me because he knew I was going to bring it to the light! My friend took ages to come over and then he got stuck in the lift. Which actually never happens. I knew then and there we needed to get started while he was in the lift. He called me, I wasn’t faraway, I was standing right there, and I could hear his voice echoing through the walls as well. I started the steps, which I have written above…. as soon as it was complete, the Supervisor arrived and within 1 minute he was out of the lift. He handled it so well! This was just the beginning for this process was quite a deep healing, which I go into, in my book, but not when writing a blog! Too much information. We had 100 % success with the healing and the demon was gone. It turns out that on Halloween he had the intention to get drunk and opened himself up to evil spirits (not intentionally), which he doesn’t usually do he just wanted to switch off and disconnect, not feel his pain or troubles just for that one night, and then he paid the price. Archangel Michael was there to help. I also saw St. Anthony too, which was really beautiful.

You are valuable and so is your time on this Earth.

The relationships we have are what counts. Being honest as much as we can about how much love we can have for ourselves.

How deep is your love?

Are you in love with yourself enough to speak up? Speak out? Take Action?

God wants us to stand strong together. Lady and Lady, Man and Man, Lady and Man, Man and Lady.

Mother Earth is saying “NOW IS THE TIME”.

Here is my Youtube Podcast, from Sunday’s Weekly Spiritual Recall… if you fast forward to the end you will hear my “Big Dream” Story. I will be giving away free THOTH Tarot Card deck to my 100th Subscriber!


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Love and blessings to you my friends… till next time.

Natalie Rose Gauci

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Love and blessings,

Natalie Rose Gauci