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A Guide To Meditation and How To Raise Your Vibration

A Guide To Beginner Meditation
We are in control of our realities. We are multidimensional beings. Which means to live to our full potential we need to spread our wings, release the fear and the toxins and allow love of the highest vibrations to come through our entire being and then the universe and God does the rest as we follow our dreams and take action.
No one can make you do anything you do not want to do and when we invest in our own well being, this is when God supports us 100% and we cleanse and we let go and we allow. God steps in, to co-create your entire being and light. Which then connects to others around you, giving you more time to become a social butterfly and spend more quality time.
All this is done through meditation practice and becoming enlightened and it takes daily practice. I find this is the best way to run a business and my personal life. Time opens up. To do this there must be a lot of trust in the process and this is the thing that takes time for a lot of people.
We need to make time for meditation in our daily lives if we are to move forward as multidimensional beings and to do this we need to raise our vibrational frequency and in this course NATG guides you through a step by step simple program, which is easy, and won’t take much time, and she is so happy to share this with you because she knows it works and so do we!
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Course Content

Time: 4 weeks

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