Angel Of Light

Angel Of Light


 Three Month Course 

Could be more could be less… depends on the Energy. 

The course is used as the work, which means spiritual practice.

Always sit up while meditating and singing. Keep a straight back and conscious mind. Be aware of thoughts and stay in control of them. When you find you are drifting off, say out loud, “I am STRONG” and  “I am FOCUSED”.

Before you go to sleep cover yourself in white light and purple in the middle and stay silent for a little while until you feel filled up with light.

Focus is on all elements mission is to focus on bringing more love in, and healing, the course includes:

  1. Getting clear of all addictions
  2. Detox and Cleansing
  3. Shamanic Work and Teachings
  4. Food and Diet
  5. Emotion Balancing
  6. Cleansing and Clarity
  7. Bringing in the light fully
  8. Clearing blockages from the past
  9. Working with the layers, releasing them all one by one with materials given videos and text daily weekly and monthly communication with the energy work. 
  10. Opening up the voice for clear communication and opening up the energy for healing. 
  11. Listening to healing sounds, breathing with drum, and learning mantras from your energy and connection with you energies that you call in
  12. Complete with knowledge to take you to the next phase of life
  13. Writing Your Path and following Through in alignment with your purpose.

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