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Opening up the hips (Sacral Chakra)



The hips is where we store our lower vibrational emotions, like shame and guilt. It’s also where we create things, abundance, pleasure, our sexuality and our artistry.


It is not coincidence that this is part of our protection process, it is called the “sacral” chakra for a reason. Sacral means sacred. It means it’s a treasure that we must look after, our “Gold”. It is the one of our power centers. When we connect spiritually to this area of our body we can become extremely powerful creatures and feel the deepest of love, for ourselves and for others. No matter how much unconditional love you feel you have, there is always protection that is required when we make the decision to “open up” in this area of our body. You may know or have heard of the word “Tantra” in yoga? Tantra is our spiritual and emotional connection to spirit, which we then learn to connect with, within our body, then our partner’s body. Which is infinite and eternal love. This is an extremely sacred experience which only you, your body and your connection with spirit, must know. This means opening up, feeling vulnerable and letting is flow, in your own private space, learning how to protect it along the way. It is nothing to be ashamed of, and everything to celebrate as you stretch and open up your body into a sacred protected space, with love and power.

Here is an exercise you can do to really open up your hips.


Go ONLY as far as you can go, and do not push yourself. Breathe. Let it flow naturally. This instructor goes deep into the stretches but don’t feel you need to get there straight away. For example if you can only do the lunge position and not the floor position then that’s ok. Work your way into it slowly and gradually.

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Time: 10 weeks

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