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Speak To Your Inner Child

Speak To Your Inner Child

Connecting To Your Inner Child is more important than it ever was before. We are being called to reconnect with our inner child, to remember how we felt, who we were as kids, and what our dreams were, what we wanted to say, that we didn’t get to say? That we were told NOT to say… what we should and shouldn’t do… with all these rules and what we were told.

We need not blame anyone, only learn and re learn what we have forgotten and what we knew as children but were told to keep quiet about.

It’s time to listen to our inner voice, the one that was given to us when we were born.

This course will guide you to…

To connect the dots

The pieces that you feel are missing

It will break any addictions heal any pains from abuse in the past

Open Up Your Heart

Open Up Your True Voice

Allow you to be you, with confidence and passion without judgement for having feelings and opinions

Develop true self love and inner peace

Develop strong trust in intuition

To Understand How To Have Fun

*Course work coming very soon…

Course Content

Time: 10 weeks

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