The Enchanted Forrest

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Are you ready to break away from your every day existence and create something extraordinary?

This is your opportunity to have breakthroughs. To be beaming, happy and Blissful in your daily life. This is your time to acknowledge that this is what you want, go for it and make it happen.

There are steps and guidance throughout the entire course and whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advance you must watch and read the lessons after the frame work to develop clarity and a clear understanding of the correct approach to;

  1. Meditation
  2. Journeying
  3. Journaling

Once you have completed the this, you have set the foundations of the course and are ready to get started.

As you move through the course there will be moment where you will feel super inspired and times where your body may battle, telling you that you are too tired or cannot go any further, this is your ego trying to stop you from moving forward. This normally happens when we are doing something extremely positive for the body, mind and soul and they are tests.

Three Month Course Includes:

(It could be more could be less… depends on your Energy)

Focus is on all elements mission is to focus on:

  • Past Emotions Healing
  • Weekly Detox
  • Energy Clearing x 3 – THE VIOLET FLAME
  • Write Daily practice routine
  • Connection to Energy through Shamanic Teachings
  • Animals – Connecting to Animal Kingdom
  • Calling In and Receiving Messages for your higher purpose
  • Connecting to The Divine Feminine and Creating Balance
  • Working with Positive Energy with your Guides.

It is the fact that a lot of men (and women) have used woman to replace their nurturing for being a “real” man or what they believe to be who they really are… and not allowed their own feminine side to nurture their masculinity… to become that strong sexy physical man in every way… to build their strength and confidents from the inside so in the end they are learning the lesson of self nurturing to build their masculine through their feminine.



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