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Third Eye Opening

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Total learning: 5 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 5 weeks
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  • mosless

    I invited my guide in to my Devine light. My thoughts were that I wasn’t ready to meet nor to see him. I need to practice more. One thing that was very strong – my guide has another name. Maybe two names. Maybe Gordon is a simplified version of my guides name. Or may it’s a subconscious desire for a different guide. I need to consentrate on my breathing and my stillness. Too many thoughts. I now realise that I don’t need to switch the telly on when I get in. Make a cup of tea maybe, and do gongyo, but the light and the telly stay off. It’s like a whole new side of my life is being revealed to me and by me. As I write in the darkness and the silence, my mind becomes calmer and more focussed. I don’t worry that my concentration is not good enough, yet. It will get better as I practice.


      Hi Morris and Friends, it has been brought my attention that The Third Eye video for guidance and practice had disappeared, and I have added it back in… Morris this is amazing! You have connected to fast! I am so pleased you have stopped watching TV. You are going to be so more productive but most importantly, happy! Love and blessings, Natalie

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