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Third Eye Opening

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Total learning: 5 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 5 weeks
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  • mosless

    Whilst watching the video, and without prompting, I did some breathing excersises. Suddenly, a name appeared before me – Gordon. At first I doubted this was my spirit guide. And I was a little disappointed! I wanted a woman LOL! But I let it go and accepted it.


    hahaha that’s so funny! That’s so good that you got a name! Happening so fast… well done!


    When you have seen or heard a name of a spirit guide, they can come in all shapes and forms as well as images and sounds. The next steps is to ask Gordon what messages he has for you.

    After the grounding meditation, take yourself to a really beautiful place, like a park, or a beach, where you feel complete light and comfort. Then Imagine the tube, image yourself connecting, and invite Gordon in to have a conversation with you, and ask him who he is and where he comes from. You will get an answer.

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