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Enlightenment – Mercedes

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There are many aspects to personal and spiritual growth and enlightenment comes when the root Chakra is cleansed completely. This course is specifically designed for you, and only you. The tasks are laid out all for your highest good and will take into a new path way, which you already know exists, it’s waiting for you. All you need to do is cleanse the root of the cause. Which we have already established and now we are coming to the final stages of the cleansing, to release the bits that sometimes get hidden.

Here are some of the aspects which will grow and expand through this course

  1. Root Chakra Cleansed
  2. Building new soul relationships
  3. Creating a new space for “home is where the heart is”
  4. Development Your Divine Unique Spiritual Healing techniques with Your Hands to heal for the greatest good
  5. Developing a new relationship with God
  6. Grounding your new energy and becoming the creator of your own life in every way.
  7. Focus
  8. Connecting to the inner child