Nat has written and produced this Album well, with each song telling a different story, but the story is not obvious as with many good songwriters. With most of these songs I find myself tapping my foot to the beat. Good vocals using most of Nat’s range and musically well put together. I would say a majority of songs have a ballad type Jazz/Pop songs. A good quality CD

I enjoy to listen to Pictures from Mars Nat’s vocals appear to me to be quite relaxed that soar with emotion when song calls to do so.

I have been a fan of Nat’s voice since I first heard her sing and enjoy to listen to Nat sing very much.

I would suggest Pictures from Mars would be a good addition to any collection, so if you are thinking of purchasing by all means do so, you won’t be disappointed.

- Gary Roche.

What an incredible and diverse variety of music packed into one album.

Every song takes you on it's own journey of heartfelt life experiences that resonate through the lyrics and delivers an emotional connection with the listener.

The upbeat feel-good tempo together with the power and nuances in your voice really showcases your raw talent. You can not only hear the maturity in your voice, you can feel it.

By far 'Alive' resonated with me personally and your beautiful, angelic-like tones in'Powerless' took me to a higher level, Amazing!

- Dennie Zougaris