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TEDX Natalie Gauci

Music and Sound Healing

Hello and welcome to my site! It is no coincidence that you have landed here when you have! I have created a space for you to enjoy a new pathway to opening up your senses and having fun. In a world where there is a lot of stress, I would like you to use my website as the opposite… A LOT OF LOVE and FUN. Through my music, mediations, courses, books, articles, podcasts, live streaming, retreats and concerts, there is something for everyone to enjoy! Please take your time to navigate through my site and send me a message if you have any questions or would  like to set up a free 15 minute chat! Just click on the blue button on the right which says “Send to messenger”



This is a sound healing meditation which I created for you. It heals the feeling of loneliness and lets face it, we have all been there!

This meditation is super relaxing and cuts right to the core and believe me, you will fee it in all the right places. This meditation can be used any time you feel you want to be loved more, by anyone or anything. Usually when we are not feeling loved, it’s our own love for ourselves that is missing and with this meditation, it will bring back that love that is inside your heart. 

Winning Moments!

Apart from having my first baby, this is one of my winning moments… winning Australian Idol! It brought me to understand spirituality. Going through big highs and learning how to deal with depression and anxiety along the way. Life is about balance of our body, mind, spirit and soul. My mission is to bring my new frequency to you through my voice and my sound. This brings winning moments not just to myself but to others, healing the world in every song sung. Every note expressed. Every beat of a drum. Are you ready to be a winner??? Are you winning?  Even when we feel we are failing we are still winning. Click on “learn more” to discover your pathway to success.


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When our bodies are relaxed they are at their best performance! When our souls are relaxed they are at their best for expressing! When our spirit is relaxed they are at their best for tuning in! When our minds are relaxed they are at their best for creating everything we desire and more!

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    There is an epidemic of couples who are not happy in their relationships. People who are putting up with abuse. There are a growing number of people who hold on to their pain and believe that this normal and say it’s “Just the way life is”.

    This book will empower the reader to find true love and to make that change from painful relationships to deep loving honest relationships. Stepping into a new paradigm. Natalie Gauci is a platinum and gold selling artist and is now transforming her lyrics and music into published books which are helping people break free from addictions and abusive relationships. Natalie has helped transformed the lives of celebrities, actors, musicians, healers and creatives world wide.

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