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TEDX Natalie Gauci

Light Workers Summit Retreat


Do you feel like you are not being heard? Are you finding yourself saying things like “I don’t know who I am” & “don’t know what to do” It’s time for a deeper connection and it’s time for us to come together and use our voices to express our own way of communication so that we can help others.

Come and join us, to quantum leap with a technology that uses natural laws and principles to unconditional love, infinite potentiality and transfiguration. So what does that mean in English? Basically it’s a language that is universal. Some call it Light Language. What I do is not exactly light language it is a secret ancient language which we call technology, which our ancestors have come to share with us to help us expand our consciousness. This technology lays dormant inside of all of us. It has been lost over thousands of years. It has been forgotten. Now we are starting to remember – AWAKEN.

There will be information that will be given to you through this technology which will open up your true expression to start helping people awaken and remember. This technology is learned and communicated through sound. While learning, we will be rejuvenating, relaxing, surfing and hiking in this 7 day experience.

During After This Summit

  1. Activate and recode your DNA (physical body) into pure unconditional love
  2. Understand your true purpose of your gift and how to use it for your highest good and the highest good of all
  3. Manifest what your true inner being desires through the 7 principles
  4. Master Your Energy
  5. Release toxins, release the past
  6. Open new doors and make your dreams come true, by following the spirit that guides you

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You were born to live not exist. It’s time to venture into unknown territory where you get to experience freedom, vitality, fulfilment, vibrancy and total love for all life, whilst discovering your life purpose. The frequency that travels through , is the key to unlocking your inner wisdom, strength, courage and healing abilities. Now you will feel what dreaming big really is.

Natalie’s method is not only the most powerful energy healing modality available to man-kind, it is the ascension tool that Planet Earth has been waiting for. Your DNA is a storehouse of knowledge. Scientists describe most human DNA as junk DNA. It’s far from junk. Your dormant DNA contains genetic encoding full of knowledge and wisdom that will change your inner world and in doing so, your outer world.

We are one human family and whether you realise this or not,  your arrow carries the spark to Ignite your own Divinity and that of your fellow brothers & sisters who share these Earthly yet Heavenly realms. Teamwork is the key and the energy/light/frequency held in the NATG Method, has the power to elevate and transform the vibration of our Global Family.

NATG harnesses sound Frequencies enabling huge shifts in your health and spiritual well-being as well as being utilised to accelerate business performance and create harmonious relationships. If you want rapid, lasting transformation then NATG Healing is the key.