My Album and my trip to Italy!

This album has driven me crazy! It didn't make sense! So I started writing a journal! And what came out has started to transform my life and now I can't stop writing. So I have created a space where I can share all my crazy stories and all the amazing magical things that life brings, which I am going to share with you as much as humanly possible. Over the past few months I have been in London and Italy. If I told you honestly how this happened I don't know if you would be believe me! My sister got married in June and so I dropped everything to be there. I missed her a lot and thought maybe it's time for me to come home (Melbourne). I was living in London - was renting a room and had a proper paid job tutoring at ICMP. I was mostly happy but something was not feeling fulfilled. I had crying fits while I was packing my things and kept hearing this voice in my head saying - "You'll be back"! It messed with me big time! I forgot about my new album, forgot about money, and just did what my gut was telling me "PACK UP AND GO BACK TO MELBOURNE". So I did. I got home and realised that I had so much to deal with. Emotional baggage - that I had left behind. How was I suppose to move on in my life if I still had emotional baggage? So I started cleaning... literally. Started at mum's then ended up at my grandparent's place. This is where I began to really cleanse because I felt like they understood. I then realised what this album actually means to me! It means me searching and trying too rebuild the things I had... but what did I actually have? In this game of life - there is a search. This album is all about the search. The search continues but now it has a foundation - NATG! This is my first official blog - thank you so much for reading - there is a lot to come - trust me! oh - so you want to know how I ended up back in London for a few months? Ok - well I was listening to an audio book one night called "Your wish is your command" and I started doing the exercises based on Law of Attraction. I wrote down that I wanted a black Mercedes. To meet my soul mate and travel through Europe. I end up meeting this very handsome photographer who had a black Mercedes who asked me travel through Italy with him. I also got booked for some workshops in London and decided to accept these as gifts from the universe. I forgot that I had a launch coming up that I had agreed to and instead of cancelling my work plans to travel, I ended up cutting my travel plans short to complete my mission, of the album release instead. I felt I couldn't do both. I am currently now still in London creating this website and I honestly cannot wait til it's done! I have had so much stuff just sitting on my laptop for so long wondering when my record deal would come or my manager! Well I am now my own manager and label and do as I please and it feel fricken fantastic!